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Great Wall mesh belt series


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Product Description

Great Wall mesh belt series
Yangzhou Tuoyou Mesh Belt Factory is a professional manufacturer of various mesh belts. Its materials are imported from Japan and are resistant to 1250 degrees. It is a member of China Heat Treatment Association. It is mainly engaged in the production and research and development of metal mesh belts, wire mesh filter materials and heat treatment welding tools. It has strong technical force (member unit of China Heat Treatment Association), excellent production equipment, perfect testing methods, reliable quality and three guarantees. Welcome to inquire: 400-0514-016
Great Wall mesh belt in the process of transportation and storage, should be kept dry and clean, avoid direct sunlight or rain, snow leaching, it is strictly prohibited to contact with acid, alkali oil, inorganic solvent and other substances to avoid reaction. And do the interval heating installation one meter away. During the storage period of the Great Wall mesh belt, the products shall be placed in rolls and shall not be folded to prevent use. During the storage period, the products shall be turned over once a quarter. During storage, the temperature in the warehouse should be kept between -18 ℃ and 40 ℃, and the absolute humidity should be kept between 50% and 80% RH. In this way, the use and storage of the Great Wall mesh belt can play a very good protective effect, will not cause material waste.


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