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All raw materials are imported from Japan SUS314, heat-resistant 1250 ℃, strong anti-oxidation and anti-carburizing.

Could you tell me the metal mesh with those classifications?

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Please metal.Mesh beltThere are those classifications?

1. Crankshaft type mesh belt: It focuses on the various advantages of metal wire weaving mesh belt. Due to the deep twists and turns, the position of each spiral coil is correctly positioned, thus minimizing the deformation and extension of the mesh belt.
2. Straight axis mesh belt: it is formed by combining the left and right replacement mesh bars through straight strings. This series of mesh belts have dense mesh holes and uniform mesh distance, which can make the mesh belt walk smoothly. This series of mesh belts is suitable for conveying lines with small load volume and relatively heavy texture.
3. Flat wire mesh belt: This mesh belt is made of rolled flat wire. It is connected by crankshaft type wear strip, with fine workmanship, flat appearance, parallel ends, excellent material and durability.
4. Type B mesh belt: also known as trapezoidal mesh belt or one-word mesh, this mesh belt is generally a gear transmission mesh belt, which has the advantages of good air permeability, uniform tension and fine workmanship. This mesh belt has the characteristics of flexible rolling, good stability, high temperature resistance, pressure resistance and corrosion resistance.
5. Herringbone mesh belt: It is formed by combining four straight strings of mesh strips replaced on the left and right. The fine weaving technology makes the mesh belt have the characteristics of high density, fine mesh and flexible operation, and it has extremely high requirements for materials and weaving technology. This mesh belt is suitable for conveying lines for small loads.
6. Metal sheet mesh belt: also known as the Great Wall mesh, it is composed of flat metal sheets and round metal wires. The mesh belt has light weight, large mesh gaps, flat mesh surface, stable operation and no deviation. It can be used as a conveying line for washing, drying, cooling and heat treatment.
7. Chain rod type mesh belt: This chain rod type mesh belt adopts chain drive, which is suitable for large-scale and heavy-duty transmission. Its movement is stable, the force is large, and the mesh surface is relatively small.
8. Eye-type mesh belt: sprocket drive, stable operation, strong bearing capacity, capable of transporting high-speed heavy objects, smooth appearance, suitable for conveying unstable products with large opening rate, good ventilation and dehydration, easy cleaning, glasses mesh belt is very suitable for coating operation process due to large holes, so as to reduce contact with transmission belt as much as possible.

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