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All raw materials are imported from Japan SUS314, heat-resistant 1250 ℃, strong anti-oxidation and anti-carburizing.

What are the skills to choose stainless steel mesh belt?

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Choose stainless steelMesh beltWhat are the skills?

The herringbone stainless steel mesh belt is suitable for materials with low bulk density and small conflicts, such as grain, fiber, sawdust, grain, feed, chemical powder, PVC leftoffs, etc.
Assuming that the transported object is not too heavy, a thinner pillar support shaft is selected. Assuming that the object being transported is heavy, the diameter of the support shaft will increase.
When transporting goods, the stainless steel mesh belt should be transported with a larger mesh than usual.
When transporting acidic, alkaline, and corrosive goods, please use stainless steel mesh belts, mesh chains, chain plates, chain rods and other stainless steel 304 conveyor belts.
When transporting castings or other high temperature objects, please use high temperature resistant stainless steel mesh belt.
Assuming the transportation of food, vegetables, medicines and fruits, please choose stainless steel mesh belts and stainless steel 304 mesh chains.
The transportation environment requires about 1200 degrees, and stainless steel mesh belts need to be 2520.
Assuming that the object to be transported is very light, when choosing stainless steel mesh belt for transportation, we will choose a steel wire with a smaller wire diameter of 1.0mm or 1.2mm or 1.5mm. Assuming that the object to be transported is very heavy, we will choose a larger wire diameter, such as 2.5mm, 3.0mm, 3.2mm, 3.5mm, 4.0mm, etc.

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