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All raw materials are imported from Japan SUS314, heat-resistant 1250 ℃, strong anti-oxidation and anti-carburizing.

Mesh belt conveyor has those maintenance details?

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       Mesh beltConveyor has those maintenance details?

1. The mesh belt conveyor shall be attended by personnel during operation. If the attendant usually knows and has a better understanding of the work of the conveyor.
2, the company should prepare the conveyor "equipment protection, maintenance and operation procedures", for the personnel on duty to comply. If the watchman wants to take over.
3. The feeding of the mesh belt conveyor should be uniform, and the feeding funnel should not overflow due to excessive feeding.
4. During the operation of the conveyor, the personnel on duty shall not approach the machine; the personnel shall not touch the rotating parts. If there is a defect, continuous work shall be carried out immediately to eliminate the defect. Defects affecting operation that are not easy to eliminate immediately shall be recorded and eliminated during repair.
5. When protecting the conveyor, check the operation of each component, check the connecting bolts everywhere, and tighten them in time if they are loose. However, when preventing the operation of the conveyor, the working parts of the conveyor should be cleaned and repaired.
6. The spiral tensioning device of the tail device is properly adjusted to maintain the tension of the conveyor belt. The personnel on duty shall inquire about the operation of the conveyor belt. For those damaged places, you should choose whether to replace them immediately or when they need to be repaired according to the degree of damage (whether it affects production). The removed conveyor belt should be replaced according to the degree of wear.
7. When protecting the belt conveyor, check its operating condition, clean and smooth, and check and adjust the spiral tensioning equipment.
8. When the mesh belt conveyor is connected, it should be started with load and run continuously after unloading.
9. In addition to keeping the conveyor stable and replacing a single damaged part during transportation, the conveyor shall be repaired every 6 months. When repairing, eliminate the defects in transportation and record them, remove and replace the damaged waste parts, and replace the smooth oil.

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