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All raw materials are imported from Japan SUS314, heat-resistant 1250 ℃, strong anti-oxidation and anti-carburizing.

Can you tell me what problems should be paid attention to in the customization of stainless steel mesh belt?

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Please stainless steel.Mesh beltWhat problems should be paid attention to in customization?

1) Understanding the needs
When purchasing stainless steel mesh belt, customers need to inform us of the use temperature of the mesh belt factory and the mesh belt, so that we can recommend the appropriate stainless steel wire material and the carrying capacity of the mesh belt. Therefore, we can customize the diameter of the mesh belt threading and winding, as well as the center distance of the winding and winding, the center distance of the threading and threading, so as to determine the density of the mesh belt, and then communicate and confirm the manufacturing process of the mesh belt.
The above is certain: material, specifications, technology three points, consumer manufacturers are clear. Due to different requirements, the methods from material selection to manufacturing are also different, especially in terms of weaving technology.
2. Whether there are samples and drawings
The accuracy of the data of the stainless steel mesh belt is very important, but in many cases the buyer of the customer is not a direct user and does not know much about it. Therefore, the manufacturer needs to confirm with the customer. First, there are samples. If we can provide samples, we can stop consumption and manufacturing according to the samples; second, it is best to have professional drawings. We have professional technicians to interpret drawings accurately. If there is any problem, the technicians of both sides can also communicate and discuss, and stop correcting errors according to the customer's reply.
3. sign a contract
After confirming the above problems, it is particularly important to sign a contract. Both parties need to clearly express their requirements when signing the contract, and both parties reach differences, such as delivery cycle, logistics and transportation methods and costs, packaging methods, payment methods, etc.
In fact, the customization of stainless steel mesh belt is very simple. Select high-quality mesh belt custom manufacturers, confirm the customized information, sign the contract.

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