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All raw materials are imported from Japan SUS314, heat-resistant 1250 ℃, strong anti-oxidation and anti-carburizing.

Adjustment process of mesh belt conveyor

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       Mesh beltWhat are the conveyor adjustment processes?

Mesh belt conveyor: operate the combined mesh belt conveyor, and use the plastic fixing pin widened on the entire width of the mesh belt conveyor to assemble the mesh belt conveyor into a clamping and locking self-locking interlocking module through an injection molding process. This method improves the compressive strength of the mesh belt conveyor and can be assembled into the total width and length of all belts. The baffle and the baffle can also be locked and interlocked with a fixed pin to become one of the integral prefabricated components of the mesh belt conveyor.
The materials of the mesh belt conveyor include: carbon steel, stainless steel plate and polyurethane elastomer chain. According to your cargo requirements, you can choose different gears with different overall widths and different postures. The transmission system transmission chain can be used to plan transportation, plan diversion, schedule, and reduce.
The structure of the mesh belt conveyor includes: horizontal parallel line conveying, progressive uphill starting conveying, etc. The mesh belt conveyor can be equipped with progressive baffles and side baffles.
mesh belt conveyor adjustment process:
(1) Carefully adjust the mesh belt conveyor after each equipment and mechanical equipment, and fully consider the regulations of the sample diagram.
(2) Add corresponding lubricating grease on each reducer and moving preforms.
(3) After the mesh belt conveyor is installed, ensure that the industrial equipment is manually operated and tested, and fully consider the specified posture in combination with the adjustment of the mesh belt conveyor.
(4) adjust the mesh belt conveyor part of the electrical equipment. Including the adjustment of the wiring and posture of the basic electrical equipment, so that the industrial equipment has the characteristics, to ensure the function and situation of the planning scheme.

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