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Mesh belt dryer composition

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     Mesh beltWhat is the composition of the dryer?

The briquettes of coal, such as pulverized coal, coal cinder, coal dust, etc., need to be dried with the briquettes pressed by the ball press. The drying effect of medium coal directly affects the quality of briquette in the briquette production process. To improve the advanced technology of the briquettes machine production line, we need to pay attention to the choice of briquettes dryer. Now, vertical dryers and horizontal mesh belt dryers are more common. The vertical dryer is the first equipment used in the drying of briquettes a few years ago. Because it has many shortcomings, such as the number of products is too many easy to catch fire, the drying effect is not very good. Now, new users will basically choose horizontal dryer. Horizontal dryers are mainly used for mesh belt dryers. If the coal production enterprises use vertical dryer equipment drying power is not high, should find professional and technical personnel to transform the equipment, within the scope of the conditions to reduce the loss of defects, or replaced with a new type of efficient and environmentally friendly horizontal plate dryer.
composition of 1. belt dryer:
The belt dryer is a belt-type two-way conveying principle, and the hot air stove or flue gas is used as the drying medium for drying. Is a batch of continuous production of boring equipment. The first principle is to spread the material evenly on the mesh belt. 12-60 wire mesh belt is selected, and the transmission equipment is dragged back and forth in the boring machine. There are three and five common layers. The mesh belt dryer is mainly composed of the head frame, the tail frame, the middle frame, the traction chain, the mesh chain, the guide rail, the automatic tensioning device, the automatic heating device and so on.
The working principle of 2. belt dryer:
The briquette containing a large amount of moisture flows into the upper mesh belt of the dryer through the briquette pressing the briquette, and the feed inlet at the top of the dryer head flows into the upper mesh belt of the dryer. It runs smoothly to the tail of the dryer through the mesh belt, flows into the base along the chute, and then returns to the head. In this way, the briquettes are gradually dried under hot air baking and sent out by the tail.

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