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All raw materials are imported from Japan SUS314, heat-resistant 1250 ℃, strong anti-oxidation and anti-carburizing.

Environmental regulations for mesh belt conveyors

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environmental pairMesh beltConveyor regulations have those?

The natural environment of the mesh belt conveyor is very complex, and it is affected by the natural environment such as high temperature and corrosion. In the case of high temperature and high pressure exceeding 400 ℃, in all normal hard work process, due to the heat of conveying raw materials, the temperature of the conveyor belt gradually increases, and the compressive strength of the conveyor belt decreases slowly due to the rapid increase. Reach temperature as soon as possible. What are the rules for using mesh belt conveyors in natural environments?
The application of the mesh belt conveyor will depend on the temperature generated by the rotating friction between the object and the conveyor belt and the temperature of the raw material. In the case of lifelike, 400 ℃ mesh belt conveyor will not affect its service life.
The conveyor belt is resistant to wear and tear due to heat. Due to different manufacturing processes, the linear expansion coefficients of stainless steel conveyor belts are different. When different data and pictures are welded together, there is a possibility of thermal fatigue.
When the working temperature exceeds 400 ℃, the situation that the component rises or even drops sharply should also be considered. General conveyor belts have hot ductility when working at high temperatures, as do stainless steel conveyor belts.
Influence of temperature fluctuation on service of belt conveyor [J]. When the conveyor belt contacts corrosive raw materials, it will cause adverse effects.
The mesh belt conveyor can prevent the conveyor belt from being used for the raw material of the knife sharpening skill by adding a chain cover countermeasure. When the conveyor belt is directly exposed to the conflict of raw materials for a period of time, the appropriate belt conveyor form should be selected.

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