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All raw materials are imported from Japan SUS314, heat-resistant 1250 ℃, strong anti-oxidation and anti-carburizing.

Conveying belt type of mesh belt conveyor

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     Mesh beltconveyor belt conveyor types have those?

1. High temperature resistant conveyor belt
High temperature resistant conveyor belt is made of two layers of rubber material cotton white canvas (polyester cotton cloth) or polyester white canvas covered with high temperature resistant or heat resistant rubber material and bonded with high temperature resistant rubber material. It can transport hot coke, concrete, coal ash and other materials below 175 ℃. Mainly used in metallurgical operations, construction engineering and other manufacturing fields, conveying pellets, coke, fly ash and other materials light burned dolomite contour temperature data.
2. Cold resistant conveyor belt
Cold resistant conveyor belt with cotton white canvas, polyester white canvas or polyester white canvas core. The cover rubber is made of rubber and cis-1, 4-polybutadiene rubber. It can be used in the geographical environment of -40 ℃. It has the characteristics of high plasticity, impact resistance and drought resistance.
3. Corrosion resistant conveyor belt
The anti-corrosion conveyor belt can be used in the working environment in contact with strong oxidants, such as the production and processing of phosphorus and potassium fertilizers, sea water salt drying, covering glue, rubber and plastic insulation boards, and alkaline temperament information. The anti-corrosion characteristics of the conveyor belt are higher than those of the neoprene conveyor belt.
4. Corrosion resistant conveyor belt
The corrosion-resistant conveyor belt is made of cotton white canvas, polyester white canvas, polyester white canvas, recovery injection molding, rubber materials and other production processes. It has good abrasion resistance and is suitable for transmitting oil content information, as well as some places where water-soluble and analytical chemical solvents may appear.
5. Food belt
The raw materials of the food conveyor belt are PVC, HDPE, PP, PP, steel acetal, PE, polyester cloth, PA, etc. According to the specific operation of the food, it is full of relatively special conveying. In addition to high tensile strength, good flexibility, simplicity, toughness and other characteristics, but also has the advantages of corrosion resistance, non-toxic, clean and sanitary, clean and sanitary, easy finishing, etc., is the conveyor belt of food operation rationalization.


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