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All raw materials are imported from Japan SUS314, heat-resistant 1250 ℃, strong anti-oxidation and anti-carburizing.

Mesh belt conveyor to reduce the load of those methods?

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Mesh beltConveyor load reduction methods have those?

1. As the impact quality decreases, the driving load of the belt conveyor decreases. Given the mass of the raw material, if the mass of the support roller in the impact posture is reduced, the dynamic load can be reduced.
2. When using dynamic buffer idlers, the dynamic load of the belt conveyor can be reduced according to the total number of buffer idlers and the geometric structure of the buffer idlers, thereby reducing the replacement quality of the buffer idlers and the aspect ratio of the feed.
3. Buffer roller is an important way to reduce the load of belt conveyor. In addition, the elastic die of the active shaft jaw plate is much smaller than the elastic die of the mesh belt conveyor, and the jaw plate should have sufficient thickness (3cm-5cm).
4. If the net weight of the buffer roller is not significantly improved, the diameter of the buffer roller should be expanded as much as possible. The upper and lower cover glue of the conveyor belt conveying large and hard materials should be thicker than the upper and lower cover glue of the general conveyor belt.

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