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All raw materials are imported from Japan SUS314, heat-resistant 1250 ℃, strong anti-oxidation and anti-carburizing.

How to maintain the metal mesh belt at high temperature?

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MetalMesh beltHow to maintain at high temperature?

1. The metal is exposed to oxygen or other oxidizing atmosphere for a long time at high temperature without forming oxide scale. This function is called high temperature oxidation resistance. When the metal mesh belt is working, the temperature will increase due to the heat of the transportation material and the environment, and the strength of the mesh belt will decrease as the temperature increases. The use limit of the mesh belt will depend on the material and temperature of the mesh belt. The metal mesh belt should be stored in a dry environment to prevent the motor from getting wet. When the net belt is stored in the open air, rainproof measures should be taken. During storage and handling, the mesh belt should be prevented from colliding to avoid damage to the mesh belt.
2. When using metal mesh belts at high temperatures, it is necessary to consider that general conflict factors will generate greater heat; due to different thermal expansion coefficients, thermal fatigue may occur when welding different data together. When the ambient temperature exceeds 400°C, consideration should be given to intermittent decline due to large thermal expansion between parts; creep (high temperature) brittleness; brittleness of carbon separation; effects of temperature changes (cooling and expansion); silicon, graphite and molybdenum disulfide have excellent heat resistance. When metal mesh belts are exposed to corrosive materials, the undesirable consequences are as follows: The mesh belt components become thinner. Rust on the parts will affect the sensitive rotation of the hinges and rollers of the mesh belt. When the mesh belt is operated in an acidic or alkaline environment, the parts will also show stress corrosion and particle corrosion. When selecting mesh belts for use in corrosive environments, attention must be paid to the selection of mesh belt components. Whether the mesh belt made of martensitic stainless steel rusts depends on the working conditions. Mastering anti-corrosion technology is very useful for the correct use of mesh belts in corrosive environments.
3. The use environment of the metal mesh belt should be kept clean and tidy, the surface of the mesh belt should be kept clean, and the air outlet should be free of debris. Regularly remove dust and other impurities from the mesh belt and net. It can only work when the mesh belt is completely broken. Power equipment should maintain sufficient capacity and stable voltage. No phase work is strictly prohibited. The power line must be a dedicated line and should not be powered by a temporary line for a long time.
4. If metal is foundMesh beltAbnormal sound, the motor is severely heated, the shell is charged, the switch trips or cannot be started, please stop the machine immediately for inspection. In order to ensure safety, maintenance is not allowed during the work of the mesh belt. After maintenance, it is necessary to conduct a trial operation for about five minutes and restart the machine after confirming that there is no abnormal phenomenon. Depending on the operating environmental conditions, the grease of the bearings should be replenished or replaced from time to time (during the life of the motor, closed bearings do not need to be replaced with grease). In order to ensure the excellent smoothness of the mesh belt during work, the oil filling time should be no less than 1000 hours/time. Close the bearing and motor bearing, and fill 2/3 of the inner and outer rings of the bearing with ZL-3 lithium-based smooth grease. It is strictly forbidden to work without oil. Metal mesh belt smoothing oil is a liquid mesh belt smoothing agent used in various machinery to reduce conflicts and maintain machinery and processed parts. It has the functions of smoothing, cooling, rust prevention, cleaning, sealing and buffering.