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All raw materials are imported from Japan SUS314, heat-resistant 1250 ℃, strong anti-oxidation and anti-carburizing.

Reasons for deviation of metal mesh belt

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What are the reasons for the deviation of the metal mesh belt?

1. The position of the detected material on the conveyor belt is not in the center. If the material is not placed in the center and tends to one side, the conveyor belt will deflect under the action of gravity. In this case, just place the material in the middle as much as possible. In order to reduce or prevent the deflection of the conveyor belt, the baffle can be lifted to change the direction and position of the material.
2. Check the degree of inconsistency between the horizontal centerline of the idler and the longitudinal centerline of the metal mesh belt. If the inconsistent value exceeds 3mm, the mounting holes on both sides of the idler group should be used for adjustment. The specific method is to offset which side of the conveyor belt, which side of the idler group is offset to the forward direction of the conveyor belt, or the other side is retracted.
3. Check the error value of the two planes of the headrest and tailstock mounting bearing base. If the error of the two planes exceeds 1mm, the two planes should be adjusted on the same plane. The adjustment method of the upper roller is: if the mesh belt deviates to the right side of the roller, the right bearing seat of the roller moves forward or the left bearing seat moves backward; if the mesh belt deviates to the left side of the roller, the left bearing seat of the roller moves forward or the right bearing seat moves backward. The adjustment method of the end roll is opposite to the adjustment method of the top roll.

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