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All raw materials are imported from Japan SUS314, heat-resistant 1250 ℃, strong anti-oxidation and anti-carburizing.

The use of stainless steel mesh belt

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Stainless SteelMesh beltThe use of those?

1. Quick freezing, plane transportation of baking machinery, spiral transportation, cleaning of food machinery, sterilization, drying, cooling, cooking and other glass machinery annealing, floral baking, bottle conveying, etc.
2. Various assembly line transportation.
3. Widely used in annealing furnace mesh belt, flower baking furnace mesh belt, etc.
4. Food processing occupation, dehydrated vegetables, frozen food single freezer pretreatment mesh belt, chain mesh.
5, powder metallurgy, metal heat treatment, quenching, sintering, brazing, roasting, bright, blackening, bearing, carburizing high temperature furnace mesh belt, baffle type mesh belt, paint drying line conveyor mesh belt, foam nickel reduction production line belt, cleaning machine, hoist, dryer, dryer, curing furnace mesh belt. Such as transportation processing equipment.

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