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All raw materials are imported from Japan SUS314, heat-resistant 1250 ℃, strong anti-oxidation and anti-carburizing.

What are the operating regulations for the mesh belt hoist?

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What are the operating regulations for the mesh belt hoist?

1. Complete the application processing of the network belt supervision and management system, collect and display the main parameters of mechanical equipment and management system, and save the key parameters for protection and maintenance;
2. Various operation modes/manual/on-site operation, all three operation modes can be changed. When the net belt hoist is running normally, use centralized control to start and stop the conveyor belt according to the good program flow of the design plan; when there is a problem with the machine and equipment, the centralized control manual mode can be immediately switched, and the problematic machine can be solved immediately To prevent the problem from expanding; if there are maintenance personnel, the net belt hoist can be operated on site;
3. Before the start of the net belt hoist, the prompt time of the management system is 15 seconds. If all machines and equipment are normal, consider the starting specifications, and the mesh belt hoist can start normally; if it does not meet the specifications, it will stop immediately and there are problems;
4. Each machine and equipment has a device start and stop button, which is convenient for on-site work in emergency situations. It can stop the belt hoist anytime and anywhere, and at least reduce the disaster caused by accidents;
5. Protection and maintenance of equipment direction deviation, emergency stop button of hanging wire, etc. These data signals communicate with the operator to protect and maintain the net belt hoist management system in real time;
6. The main parameters of the conveying machinery and equipment and the status of the management system immediately appear on the generator. If there is a general problem, the management system only issues a light control prompt; if a major accident occurs, such as belt breakage, direction offset, etc., the problem machine and the upper and lower net belt hoist immediately stop, while the middle and lower net belt hoist in turn stop.

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