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Use and maintenance of mesh belt

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     Mesh beltWhat is the use and maintenance?

1. The mesh belt should be stored in a dry environment to prevent the motor from getting wet. When the net belt is stored in the open air, it should be rainproof. During storage and handling, the mesh belt shall be protected from collision and damage.
It can only be used in an environment where the mesh belt is fully powered. Power measures shall be connected simultaneously. The capacity of the power supply measures should be sufficient, the voltage must not be changed, and phase-free operation is prohibited. The power cord must be a dedicated cord and must not be used for durability. Line power is not permitted.
3. The use environment of the mesh belt should always be kept clean and tidy, the mesh belt should be clean and connected, and there should be no debris at the air inlet and outlet. Remove dust and other debris from the mesh belt and tube as planned.
4. The bearing should be compensated or replaced with smooth grease according to the environmental conditions of use (the closed bearing of the motor does not need to be replaced with smooth grease during its service life). In order to ensure the excellent smoothness of the mesh belt during operation, the oil filling time should not be less than 1000 hours/time. For enclosed bearings and motor bearings, the oiling should be filled with 2/3 of the inner and outer rings of the bearing in a zl-3 of lithium-based smooth grease. Do not run without oil.
5. During the belt operation, the abnormal sound should be stopped immediately, the motor is severely heated, the shell is charged, the switch trips, and the start failure should be checked. In order to ensure safety, it is not allowed to repair the mesh belt in operation. After maintenance, a 5-minute trial run should be carried out, and the machine should be restarted after confirming that there is no abnormality.

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