What is a thermal oil heater?

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What is a thermal oil heater?

The heat conduction oil heater is to directly insert the electric heater into the organic carrier (heat conduction oil) for direct heating, and carry out the liquid phase circulation through the high temperature oil pump to transport the heated heat conduction oil to the heating device, and then return it to the oil outlet of the heating device. It is heated by electric heating oil furnace to form a complete circulating heating system. The electric heating heat conduction oil furnace adopts a digital display temperature controller to control the temperature, and has the functions of over-temperature alarm, low oil level alarm and over-pressure alarm.
The heat-conducting oil furnace is a kind of high-efficiency energy-saving heating equipment in petroleum, chemical, electronics, textile, printing and dyeing, food, plastic, film and other industries. The design pressure of the oil furnace barrel is 0.5MPa, and the temperature control accuracy of our company's heat conduction oil heating furnace can reach ±1℃. And has anti-dry burning and explosion-proof safety measures. The explosion-proof mark of the electric heater of the explosion-proof heater is ExdⅡBT4, ExDⅡBT6, ExdeⅡCT6, etc.
According to the process characteristics of the thermal oil electric heating furnace, a high-precision digital display program temperature controller is selected to automatically start the best process parameters for PID adjustment and temperature control. The oil heating furnace control system is a closed-loop negative feed system. The oil temperature signal detected by the thermocouple is transmitted to the PID stability controller to drive the non-contact controller. The output duty cycle within a fixed period is used to control the heater Output Power.
With: (1) Over-temperature alarm, and automatically cut off the heating power. (2) Burnout alarm, and automatically cut off the heating power. (3) Overpressure alarm, and automatically cut off heating power.

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